'Spread out to school’ tool helps primary schools (and parents) with corona-proof lesson scheme

Schedulers of primary schools can, as of today, make use of a useful tool that alleviates the negative effects of spreading out course times for parents with multiple children. The 'Spread out to school’ tool has been developed by econometricians of Erasmus School of Economics.

Ideal distribution across several days

The tool offers a primary school the opportunity to have classes start and end at different times. In this way, congestion can be evaded as much as possible in the neighbourhood, at the entrance of the school and at the schoolyard. In addition, schools can divide pupils over multiple days. For instance, half of the schoolgoing population can attend school at Mondays and Thursdays, the other half at Tuesdays and Fridays. The objective of this split is to prevent overcrowding as well.

Lesson scheme for parents with multiple children

Furthermore, there are parents that have multiple children attending the same primary school. Of course, it is undesirable that a parent has to take each child to school separately. This is not only a nuisance to parents, but decreases the effects of spreading course times as well. The tool provides a lesson scheme, which takes all of these factors into consideration.

More information

For more information, please reach out to Ronald de Groot, Media and Public Relations officer of Erasmus School of Economics, via rdegroot@ese.eur.nl or +31 6 53 641 846.

Link to 'Spread out to school’ tool: https://econometricinstitute.github.io/VerspreidNaarSchool/

You can read about the tool in Algemeen Dagblad and nu.nl.

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