Students about their favorite hotspots in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is bustling with energy and isn’t afraid to change. As the city’s character is so international and diverse, it has many hotspots. ESSB students explain where they prefer spending their free time.

Hotspot: Noordplein 

Andrea van der Velden – student Public Administration

For me, Noordplein is a must-visit spot in Rotterdam. Everyone just feels so happy here! For instance, you can order a delicious beer with falafel in pitta bread at the Container Bar, and on Saturdays, you can buy all your organic and vegan produce at the Rotterdam Harvest Market. Crossing over the square to Zaagmolenkade, you’ll walk past a fantastic second hand shop at the end (Jouw Marktkraam). That’s a personal favourite of mine! All in all, this is the ideal spot for a little respite from the bustling city centre. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t enjoy a cosy square like this, with all those beautiful lamps? 

Hotspot: Boompjeskade 

Sarah Furstenburg - student Management of International Social Challenges

When you’re walking along the Maas, you’re sure to see Boompjeskade with its 230 flags. It’s a footpath along the water among much greenery, where you can enjoy the most stunning views of Rotterdam, including Erasmusbrug, Willemsbrug and the Maaskade on the Noordereiland, with its typical Dutch houses. The meadows along the route are the ideal place to meet up with friends on a warm, sunny day. Insider tip: it’s a particularly magical view at dusk when the lights go on but it’s not yet dark! 

Hotspot: Jack Bean

Emma Hulsebosch – student International Bachelor in Psychology 

Fancy a quick but healthy meal? Jack Bean is the place to be! You can enjoy the most delicious salads, wraps, buddha bowls and so much more in this healthy, vegetable-based fast food kitchen. They’re expanding rapidly as they’re so successful, and they keep opening more locations in Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Jack Bean aims to work towards the most sustainable food system in Europe with good food that’s delicious, nutritious and fair. You can also find a Jack Bean on campus in the Food Plaza. 

Hotspot: Teds Place 

Michelle Zaal – student Psychology

This all-day brunch restaurant is perched on a roof terrace, just next to Rotterdam central station, where you call in throughout the day for pancakes or croissants. Teds are springing up in lots of Dutch cities, including Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht and, since July, on top of a building on Schiekade in Rotterdam. Its extensive menu may stress you out a little as everything is so delicious, but fortunately the waiters are all delighted to give you tips. I highly recommend the Vegan French Toast, which is simply heavenly! 

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This interview previously appeared in Spark magazine. This magazine is for students, alumni and partners of ESSB and showcases the positive impact that the faculty's education and research have on society.

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