Students from all over the world cook for each other

On Tuesday, November 13 2018, all multicultural associations come together for EMA's International Food Fair. The umbrella organization Erasmus Multicultural Associations (EMA) brings together students from all over the world to cook with and for each other. For a small price students can try snacks from different cuisines.

The annual event fits the vision of Erasmus University Rotterdam: creating a diverse and inclusive university. In the Erasmus Sport Building students can take part in the tasting at a small price. From home-made snacks to catered meals, everything is taken care of.

Music, games and clothing

Eating is a good way to share cultures with each other. To complete the atmosphere, there will also be traditional music, clothing, activities and games. The multicultural associations (ARIA Students, ASAH, Avicenna, CSA-EUR, HSFN Rotterdam, IQRA, Mozaik and PPI Rotterdam) present their cultures in this way. Participating students go on a voyage of discovery and get acquainted with the diversity on the campus and the enormous variety of cultural associations.

More information

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