Ten million to boost top research groups

Erasmus University Rotterdam is providing a major financial boost for seven leading research groups. With the Research Excellence Initiative (REI), the university is earmarking a total of ten million euro to further advance cutting-edge research. The aim of the investment is to attract and retain talent by raising the international profile of the top-class research at Erasmus University and to further collaboration between research groups.

The research groups that have been awarded funds from the Research Excellence Initiative have proved their excellence with their track record in terms of international publications, societal impact and in securing important subsidies and grants.
The seven research groups consist of collaborations between scientists of various disciplines. Each of them will receive funds up to one million euro from the Executive Board. That sum will be matched by their own faculties or institutes, bringing the total investment close to ten million euro. 

The projects that have been awarded are:

  • Universal health coverage: what works? - The Frontiers of Global Health Research into Equitable Access to Health Care. Eddy van Doorslaer, Roland Bal (iBMG); Johan Mackenbach (Erasmus MC);  Arjun Bedi, Wil Hout (ISS).
  • How can self organization enhance governance capacity? - Vital connections between government and citizens for dealing with grand societal challenges. Arwin van Buuren (FSW); Jurian Edelenbos (IHS); Eric Claassen (Erasmus Centre for Valorisation).
  • Shifting from welfare to social investment states - Privatization of Work-Related Risk Control. Michael Faure, Peter Mascini (ESL); Romke van der Veen (FSW).
  • Integrating Functional and Normative Approaches to Rule of Law and Human Rights. Karin Arts (ISS); Robert Von Friedenburg (ESHCC); Sanne Taekema (ESL).
  • War! Popular culture and European heritage of major armed conflicts. Maria Grever, Stijn Reijnders (ESHCC); Franciska de Jong (Erasmus Studio).
  • Doctors and criminal lawyers dealing with death and dying - Multidisciplinary and Empirical Perspectives on Medical Decision Making at the End of Life. Paul Mevis (ESL);  Agnes van der Heide (Erasmus MC).
  • Bridging the gap between science and practice: vulnerable youth in major cities. Godfried Engbersen, Sabine Severiens (FSW); Dike van de Mheen (Erasmus MC).
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