Towards a Critical Citizenship Skills Toolbox (CRIST): inventarisatie, operationalisering, verspreiding van conceptuele en praktische competenties

CLI Fellowship of Ward Vloeberghs
Ward Vloeberghs

The Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) gives lecturers from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) the opportunity to apply for a fellowship. With this fellowship, they research educational innovation, or carry out an educational project.
On this page you can read more about the CLI Fellowship of Ward Vloeberghs (EUC) about stocktaking, operationalising, disseminating conceptual and practical competencies.

The EUR Strategy 2024 aims to involve students as co-creators and critical citizens but does not indicate how students gain critical thinking skills or what these are. We aim to clarify what critical citizenship (CC) means, not only philosophically but especially in pedagogical terms: how to teach CC skills? Rather than designing new tools in a one-size-fits-all manner, we deploy a three-step approach to (1) take stock of how CC is currently taught across curricula and see (2) how these practices can be usefully operationalised for teachers so that (3) we can align, improve and circulate CC skill-building tools within our university and beyond. We aim to deliver an interdisciplinary transferable toolkit on critical citizenship skills in the form of a publicly accessible, interactive repository.

Dr. Ward Vloeberghs is senior lecturer Political Science at Erasmus University College.
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