Uni-life offers new function to help students socialize

The Uni-life app has a new function to allow students to connect (virtually or in real-life). Students can meet one-on-one by, for example, making music or exercising together. “We think it is good that students can find each other in these times,” says Rianne van der Zanden, program leader at Student Wellbeing. "This app can certainly contribute to that."

More than 8 thousand students from Erasmus University Rotterdam are already using it, as are nearly a hundred associations: the Uni-life app. The app was originally intended to reduce the amount of flyers distributed on campus by associations. It also functions as a handy overview for events and parties. Two former Erasmus students set up the platform to better bundle that data. “Not only were many flyers wasted, it is also a very ineffective form of communication because you cannot reach everyone,” says EUR alumnus Stefan Peeman of Uni-life.

Meet-ups and communities

A pilot is currently running with a new function to link students. “I think we can really make a difference, especially for international students who have hardly had any physical lectures and who long for social contact,” he says. Students can place a call for example to exercise with someone else or to photograph the city together. In the app these are called ‘meet-ups’. “For those who meeting don’t like to meet with a stranger, there are also 'communities'. These are like WhatsApp groups where students can talk about a shared interest such as culture or nature.”

"Do something new to break the routine"

The function has been around for some time in Delft, where more than ten percent of all users are using the new function. “It would be great if that could also work here. Then we would have been able to connect about 800 students and mean something for the quality of their lives.” Rianne van der Zanden of Student Wellbeing also embraces the new option, but emphasizes that there are many more options, such as online coaching and the platform ‘Are you OK out there?’. “I call on everyone in these difficult times to try something new to break the routine. Maybe this app can help you do that.”

More information

Download the app on Google Play or Apple

Also take a look on  'Are you OK out there' 

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