Vital Cities discussed at 3rd Urban Transformation Conference

Rotterdam will host the third international Urban Transformation Conference (UTC 2016), and continues on its 2015 central theme: ‘Vital Cities’. To discuss the process of urban transformation, the ongoing design, development and governance of cities that are to be resilient and agile, no matter what happens. But how do we reach that goal and what challenges do we have to be prepared to face? Prof.dr. Maria Grever (ESHCC), Prof.dr. Liesbet van Zoonen (FSW) en Fred Balvert (Erasmus MC) are guiding the conferences about Post War Cities, Smart and Social Cites en Food & Healthy Cities.

 Smart and Social cities: What the data revolution means for urban transformation- Prof.dr. Liesbet Zoonen (FSW)
Internationally renowned urban big data experts from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University and Delft University will present their current research about the smart and social city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam, one of the leading smart cities of Europe, offers a real-life and real-time lab for the simultaneous design and analysis of big data projects for urban innovation.

Post-War Cities: Popular uses of sensitive heritage in a globalizing world-Prof.dr. Maria Grever (ESHCC)
This conference in Rotterdam, a city bombed during WW2 and now turned into a modern, vibrant city, will address popular uses of heritage in European post-war cities. The conference focuses on the international exchange of new approaches, the presentation of empirical results about popular uses of sensitive war heritage in Europe, and the strengthening of existing networks by linking research to the fields of war video games, tourism, education and museums.

Food and Healthy Cities- Fred Balvert (Erasmus MC)
During UTC 2016 the relation between food and health, especially in cities, is highlighted from various research fields present at Erasmus MC, such as healthy pregnancy, pediatrics, obesity
and diabetes, endocrinology, addiction and epidemiology.

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