Warm Sweater Day at Erasmus University Rotterdam

On Friday, 5 February 2016, the central heating will be turned down by 2 degrees across Woudestein Campus. This is the fifth time Erasmus University Rotterdam will be taking part in Warm Sweater Day (Warmetruiendag): a nation-wide one-day drive to save energy and reduce our collective carbon footprint. At EUR, this initiative will actually reduce campus energy consumption by 12%.

On Friday, 5 February, the central heating virtually everywhere on campus will be turned down by two degrees – from 21 to 19°C. This simple measure will reduce energy consumption at Woudestein by 12%: the equivalent of 2.1 tonnes fewer CO2 emissions. For sake of comparison: total energy savings will be equal to nearly 60% of the annual power consumption of an average Dutch household.

Students and staff members are kindly asked to pull on something warm this Friday. And they’re free to offer their own tips on saving energy. A team will be taking pictures throughout the day, and the campus will be graced with an inflatable polar bear to draw attention to climate change.

Sustainable campus
This is the fifth Warm Sweater Day that Erasmus University will be taking part in. The university wants to become home to one of the Netherlands’ most sustainable campuses. EUR’s ambition is to reduce its total CO2 emissions by 30%. The new campus has a range of sustainable features, including solar panels and green roofs. In addition, a number of EUR faculties perform scientific research into sustainability. An overview of all EUR’s sustainability activities at Woudestein Campus can be found via www.eur.nl/duurzaam.

Warm Sweater Day at Erasmus University Rotterdam is an initiative of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub.

About Warm Sweater Day
Warm Sweater Day (Warmetruiendag) is organised every year on or around 16 February, the anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Treaty aims to reduce the worldwide emission of greenhouse gases: a major factor in global warming.

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