What is the value of near-peer tutors in teaching skills that are needed to solve complex issues?

CLI Fellowship of Han van Neck
Han van Neck

The Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) gives lecturers from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) the opportunity to apply for a fellowship. With this fellowship, they research educational innovation, or carry out an educational project.
On this page you can read more about the CLI Fellowship of Han van Neck (EMC) about how ‘topic students’, can be deployed as so called 'near-peer-tutors'.

This project investigates how ‘topic students’, these are students that have a proper educational background for a specific task, can be deployed as so called ‘near-peer tutors’: inter-professional educators that educate colleague-students with a lesser educational background on the topic. This we test for training clinical reasoning to third year bachelor students. We will mainly concentrate on elucidating the best training of the near-peer tutors and on finding teaching elements that optimize the benefit of these near-peer tutors for the tutored students. Benefit assessment will be done directly following the teaching but also after 6 weeks in order to determine its lasting effects.

Dr. J.W. (Han) van Neck
My current research interests are focused around wound healing, tissue homeostasis and tissue regeneration.
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