Who can spot the master painter?

Could you spot a real master painter? Try out your art knowledge (or luck) in an exhibition that opens this Friday in the Erasmus Gallery on campus. Each wall has one work by a master: Matisse, Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. But, next to the ‘real deal’, you will also find four other lesser-known painters, that have the same style or approach. You can mark the painting you suspect was created by a master with a post-it. Over the course of the three month exposition, this will reveal what the public believes to be the masters in art.

Guest curators

The selection from the university’s collection was by made by four guest curators, all students at Erasmus School of History and Culture and Communication. One of them, Samiha Awad, explains that while the exhibition may feel like a quiz, there really is no right or wrong answer here: “We want to invite people to think about why some pieces of art are considered more interesting, just because they were painted by a well-known master.

I mean, in the beginning I also got goosebumps from being that close to a real Andy Warhol, but handling the work and hanging it next to the other paintings humanised it and made me wonder why one should be more famous than the others. Just think about Beyoncé: why is she considered so much better than a lot of others? Is she more original? Or was she the first with to sing about these issues and was it just good timing? We hope visitors will start asking those questions."

About Erasmus Gallery

Located in the hallway between Erasmus Building and Theil Building, Erasmus Gallery contributes to the intellectual and cultural environment of students, staff and visitors. In the Erasmus Gallery, exhibitions can be seen of EUR’s own collections: modern-day art and economic commemorative coins. Opening hours of the Erasmus Gallery are from Mondays through to Fridays, 9 am - 6 pm, entrance is free.

More information

Erasmus Gallery AB-57 - exhibition ‘the choice of …. FINDING THE MASTERS’ - 16/11 until 01/03 - open Mon-Fri 9-18, location: Erasmus Gallery hall between Aula Erasmus Building and Theil Building C hall - Erasmus University Rotterdam, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam.

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