This is why the streets of Rotterdam are much safer now

Over the past five years there have been 52 percent less street robberies, 48 percent less robberies and 35 percent less burglaries. 

According to mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb these impressive numbers reflect the intensive commitment of the municipality:

1) In the five districts that were plagued with the most burglaries - Vreewijk, Bloemhof, Heptathlon, Pendrecht and Bospolder Tussendijken – Rotterdam invested approximately 1.8 million in better intrusion trough an arrangement with housing corporations.

2) Experiments with alarm boxes were done. Of the boxes, the municipality recently bought 350 extra in order to protect 100 companies.

3) Since delivery guys often got robbed there has been an experiment with body cams. Depending on the results soon all package deliverers might be wearing one. 


Source: ANP

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