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Arnold Bakker is professor and chair of the research group Work and Organizational Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Professor Bakker is also secretary general of the Alliance for Organizational Psychology, fellow of the Association for Psychological Science and adjunct professor at Lingnan University (Hong Kong). Previously, he was professor of positive organizational behaviour at Utrecht University and from 2009 until 2013 he was president of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology.

His research interests include positive organizational phenomena such as work engagement, flow, and happiness at work, with a particular interest in understanding the processes that lead to job performance (e.g., crossover of work-related emotions). He has developed numerous internet applications, such as the Job Demands–Resources monitor, the Happiness Indicator, and the Engagement App.

Professor Bakker’s articles have been published in major psychology journals such as American Psychologist, Current Directions in Psychological Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of Organizational Behavior. He is also series editor of Current issues in Work and Organizational Psychology (Psychology Press) and Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology (Emerald).

Visit his personal website for more information:

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Full professor | Work and Organisational Psychology
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Marjan Gorgievski, Jacqueline Jumelet & Arnold Bakker (2019) - Working 24-7, surviving or thriving? A multi-level study among entrepreneurs
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - Momentary work happiness as a function of burnout and engagement
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - Service with a smile
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - Crafting one’s job to stay engaged
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - A day in the life of a happy worker
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - Fostering engagement in organizations
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - The Spillover-Crossover model
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - Why organizations should care about work engagement
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - Impact of job crafting on coworkers
  • Arnold Bakker (2012) - Engagement vs. workaholism: A test of the spillover–crossover model

North West University

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November 2022
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November 2025
Extraordinary Professor

  • Christina Wessels

    Flexible Working Practices: How Employees Can Reap the Benefits for Engagement and Performance

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