(Brian) YS Chung

(Brian) YS Chung
PhD candidate Erasmus School of Economics Business Economics
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Brian Yuk Shouw Chung (???) is a PhD candidate in Marketing. As a researcher, he is interested in solving the largest problems in the world, namely (A) environmental concerns, (B) sea level rise, and (C) inhabiting new planets. The aim of his current PhD dissertation addresses the first global problem A, with chapters on (1) disentangling the behavioral motives of purchasing green products, (2) improving innovation within firms, and (3) deriving a new equilibrium to solve the problem. The characters in his first name ?? mean ‘to educate/teach’ and ‘to repair/amend’, respectively. His last name ? consists of the particles ‘Gold’ and ‘Heavy’, but can simply mean ‘time-keeping piece or clock’. In sum, the name can be interpreted as “This is the golden time to amend the way we learn and teach”. Brian has obtained three Master's degrees, two in Economics and Business (both With Honours) and one in Econometrics and Management Science. The Erasmus University Rotterdam, his Alma Mater, has awarded him the Professor H.W. Lambers medal in 2017 for his never-give-up mentality. “Be the change you want to see. Give what the world deserves.” After working three years in consulting, Brian decided to turn to academia and now aspires to contribute to science as a researcher and improve education as a teacher. He loves to collaborate with bright minds to build a stronger bridge between academia and business, and also between people. Brian hopes that he can convince the world and future generations that honesty and integrity are paramount, and that one person can make a difference. “Hello World! United we stand. Divided we fall.” There are 100 million reasons for Brian to leave academia to live a wealthy and care-free life somewhere on a desert island. But he needs only one reason to stay: Brian’s ambition is to change the world for the better. His aim is to conduct research at the highest level in the world, pushing beyond the limits of science, chasing after the Truth. The goal is to translate the state-of-science knowledge into layman’s terms and communicate this to the practical world.

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