prof.dr. (Daan) DA Stam

prof.dr. (Daan) DA Stam

Professor of Innovation Management

Full professor Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Technology and Operations Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Daan Stam is Endowed Professor of Innovation Management at the department of Technology and Operations Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His research interests include leadership and communication, in particular in innovation and operational settings. Daan Stam is a member of the Erasmus Centre for Leadership Studies. His research is published in such academic outlets as Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Organization Science, Journal of Operations Management, The Leadership Quarterly and Journal of Organizational Behavior.

  • Daan Knippenberg & Daan Stam (2014) - Visionary Leadership - Oxford University Press
  • Jelle Vries, Rene Koster & Daan Stam (2014) - Experimentally Investigating The Performance Of Various Order Picking Methods In Different Behavioral Contexts - CICMHE

  • Daan Stam (2013) - Journal of Personnel Psychology (Journal)

  • René de Koster, Daan Stam & Jelle de Vries (2014) - Best student paper award TRAIL2014, "Making the Right Pick: Aligning Order Picking Methods, Incentive Systems and Regulatory Focus to Increase Picking Performance"


Year Level
bachelor 2, pre-master
Course Code

Innovation Management

Year Level
bachelor 2, bachelor 3, pre-master
Course Code

NIE1, New Business: I & E

Course Code

NIE2, Majorgebonden Methodologie Seminar

Course Code

Harnessing creativity

Year Level
bachelor 3, bachelor, bachelor 3
Course Code

  • Mark Boons

    Working Together Alone in the Online Crowd: The effects of social motivations and individual knowledge backgrounds on participation and performance of members of online crowdsourcing platforms
  • Basak Manders

    Implementation and Impact of ISO 9001
  • Lameez Alexander

    People, Politics, and Innovation: A Process Perspective
  • Merlijn Venus

    Demystifying Visionary Leadership: In search of the essence of effective vision communication
  • Merlijn Venus

    Demystifying Visionary Leadership: In search of the essence of effective vision communication
  • Jaco Smit

    Unlocking Business Model Innovation
  • Maartje E. Schouten

    The Ups and Downs of Hierarchy: The causes and consequences of hierarchy struggles and positional loss
  • Stefanie Brix

    Mind the Gap between Demand and Supply: A behavioral perspective on demand forecasting
  • Gijs van Houwelingen

    Something to Rely On: The Influence of Stable and Fleeting Drivers on Moral Behavior
  • Yingjie Yuan

    The Emergence of Team Creativity: A social network perspective
  • Jasmien Khattab

    Make Minorities Great Again: A contribution to workplace equity by identifying and addressing constraints and privileges
  • Balazs Szatmari

    We are (all) the champions: The effect of status in the implementation of innovations
  • Jelle de Vries

    Behavioral Operations in Logistics
  • Jelle de Vries

    Behavioral Operations in Logistics
  • Laura M. Giurge

    A Test of Time: A temporal and dynamic approach to power and ethics
  • Tobias Dennerlein

    Empowering Leadership and Employees’ Achievement Motivations: The Role of Self-Efficacy and Goal Orientations in the Empowering Leadership Process
  • Milton Jorge Correia de Sousa

    Servant Leadership to the test: new perspectives and insights
  • Qi Zhang

    Advancing Research on Innovation Management: an Open PhD Position
  • Claudia Erlemann

    Gender and Leadership Aspiration: The impact of the organizational environment
  • Najim Argam

    Project Argam Najim
  • Hector Patrizio Fabian Leal

    Project Patrizio Fabian
  • Lisanne van Bunderen

    Tug-of-War: Why and when teams get embroiled in power struggles
  • Mohamadreza Hoseinpour

    Advancing Research on Innovation Management: open PhD Position
  • Roxana Turturea

    Overcoming Resource Constraints: The Role of Creative Resourcing and Equity Crowdfunding in Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Omar El Nayal

    Firms and the State: An Examination of Corporate Political Activity and the Business-Government Interface
  • Susan Reh

    A Temporal Perspective on Social Comparisons in Organizations
  • Timo van Balen

    : Challenges of Early Stage Entrepreneurs: The Roles of Vision Communication and Team Membership Change
  • Jun Xiao

    Coordination & Control in Contemporary Organizations
  • Davide Bavato

    With New Eyes: The Recognition of Novelty and Novel Ideas
  • Lydia Gross

    Advancing Research on Innovation Management
  • Jing Wu

    A Configural Approach to Understanding Voice Behavior in Teams
  • Pisitta Vongswasdi

    Accelerating Leadership Development: An evidence-based perspective

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