(Giorgio) G Touburg, MSc


Giorgio Touburg is an external PhD researcher at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

He is writing a dissertation on the double hermeneutic of organization and management theory. He has a background in sociology (urban studies), obtaining both his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Erasmus University. Giorgio is currently employed as a lecturer in qualitative methods at VU University Amsterdam.

He has conducted and coordinated research on a variety of topics, including knowledge migration, radicalization and cultural differences at work. He has also taught on a number of different topics, ranging from urban sociology and globalization to organizational sociology and cross-cultural management.

At RSM, Giorgio has taught and coordinated a course on cross-cultural management and lectured about Dutch culture. Giorgio has published articles and book reviews in both Dutch and international peer-reviewed journals.

In addition to his PhD work and his work at the VU, Giorgio occasionally writes op-ed pieces and columns.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

External PhD candidate | Department of Organisation and Personnel Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Giorgio Touburg (10 April 2018) - ‘Docent = eikel’, universiteiten klaar met snoeiharde studentenkritiek
  • Giorgio Touburg (13 March 2017) - Welbespraakte PVV’ers en intolerante hoogopgeleiden.
  • Giorgio Touburg (22 February 2017) - Reacties op motie Duisenberg: ‘Er heerst een verstikkende consensus op de universiteit’.
  • Giorgio Touburg (19 February 2016) - Driemaal Scheepsrecht: de gelukkige Rotterdammer?
  • Giorgio Touburg (1 December 2014) - Meer geluk dankzij de GGZ
  • Giorgio Touburg (16 September 2014) - Investeren in GGZ verhoogt geluk
  • Giorgio Touburg (11 August 2014) - Greater Budget Share for Mental Health Related to Greater Happiness
  • Giorgio Touburg (30 January 2013) - 'Ik beloof niet te frauderen'
  • Giorgio Touburg (1 December 2011) - Curaçaose studenten blijven plakken

  • Giorgio Touburg (2022) - RSM STAR Case Competition
  • Giorgio Touburg (2018) - Workshop on the (business) culture of the Netherlands
  • Giorgio Touburg (2017) - Social and Cultural Geography (Journal)
  • Giorgio Touburg (2017) - BMJ Open (Journal)
  • Giorgio Touburg (2017) - BMC Public Health (Journal)
  • Giorgio Touburg (2016) - 10-minute presentation of my JOCM article for a lay audience
  • Giorgio Touburg (2016) - Presentation on the influence of Hofstede's 'national culture'
  • Giorgio Touburg (2016) - 10-minute presentation of my JOCM article for a lay audience
  • Giorgio Touburg (2016) - International Journal of Contemporary Management: Best Paper Award Committee
  • Giorgio Touburg (2016) - 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, AOM 2016 (Event)

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