prof.dr. (Hans) J van Oosterhout

prof.dr. (Hans) J van Oosterhout

Professor of Corporate Governance and Responsibility

Full professor Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Hans van Oosterhout is a professor of corporate governance and responsibility at the Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

His research is in comparative corporate governance, involving both comparisons between different national corporate governance systems, and comparisons between different forms of enterprise organization.

His current research focuses on how jurisdiction level institutions shape the respective role of owners and executives in publicly listed firms, and on the corporate governance challenges and practices of professional partnerships, family firms, and philanthropic organizations.

Professor van Oosterhout has published extensively in journals including the Academy of Management Review, Organization Studies, the Journal of Management Studies, Business Ethics Quarterly and the Journal of Business Ethics.

He has held visiting positions at the Australian National University and the The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor van Oosterhout obtained an MA Cum Laude in political science from Leiden University and a PhD in Management from Erasmus University.

  • Pursey Heugens, Hans Oosterhout & Jack Vromen (2004) - The Social Institutions of Capitalism: Evolution and Design of Social Contracts - Edward Elgar Publishing

  • Pursey Heugens & Hans Oosterhout (2008) - Much ado about nothing: A conceptual critique of corporate social responsibility - Oxford University Press
  • Pursey Heugens, Hans Oosterhout & Jack Vromen (2004) - Social Contract Theories: E Pluribus Unum? - Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Hans Oosterhout, Ben Wempe & T (Theo) van Willigenburg (2002) - A Critique of Monistic Organizational Ethics
  • Pursey Heugens, Muel Kaptein, Hans Oosterhout & JFDB (Johan) Wempe (2002) - Ethical Criteria for Corporations - Oxford University Press
  • KL van Rutte & Hans Oosterhout (2002) - Standard Argumentative Strategies in Conceptualizing Business Ethics
  • Hans Oosterhout, Pursey Heugens & Muel Kaptein (2000) - Normative documents, the contract model, and stakeholder management - International Association for Business /Society
  • Juup Essers & Hans Oosterhout (2000) - Het analyseren en schrijven van een betoog - ServicePost

  • Hans Oosterhout, Ben Wempe & T (Theo) van Willigenburg (2004) - Contractualism and the Project for an Integrative Organizational Ethics
  • Hans Oosterhout, Ben Wempe & T (Theo) van Willigenburg (2004) - ISCT and the Call for Practical Guidance

  • Hans Oosterhout (2010) - Can the Firm Be Seen to Emerge out of a Pincer Movement of Efficiency Pressures? - Edward Elger Publishing

  • Abe Jong, Gerard Mertens, Hans Oosterhout & Helene Dort (2007) - Corporate governance practices of institutional investors: substance or symbolism? - Eumedion and Nederlandse Corporate Governance Stichting

  • Y (Yanze) Zhang, MH (Mirko) Benischke & J (Hans) van Oosterhout (2020) - Reviving Shareholder Democracy: The Role of Social Media in Shareholder Voting - SMS 2020 Virtual conference

  • Marc van Essen, Pursey Heugens, Hans van Oosterhout & Jordan Otten (2011) - An institutional-based view of executive compensation; A multilevel meta-analytic test
  • Marc van Essen & Hans van Oosterhout (2008) - Meta-Analyzing Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance in Asia: Towards a More Fine-Grained Understanding.

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Corporate Governance

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Corporate Ownership and Governance

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