dr. (Jana) J Vietze

dr. (Jana) J Vietze
Assistant professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Clinical Child and Family Studies
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Jana Vietze is an Assitant Professor in Clinical Child and Family Studies of the Department for Psychology, Education, and Child Studies (DPECS). She obtained her Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Potsdam, Germany, 2019) by investigating parents, peers, and school as resources for minority youths' cultural belonging, well-being, and school adjustment. Her research concerns the inclusion, belonging, well-being, and academic trajectories of cultural minority and first-generation students in secondary and higher education. Using mixed-methods, she combines perspectives from developmental psychology, inclusive education, and cross-cultural psychology.

  • J (Jana) Vietze (12 December 2021) - #Ibelong talks

  • J (Jana) Vietze, Miriam Schwarzenthal & Moin Syed (2021) - (Re)Searching Diversity Podcast - Episode 'Moin Syed: Identity narratives'
  • J (Jana) Vietze, M (Marieke) Meeuwisse, SGA (Sanne) van Herpen, AS (Aike) Dias - Broens, RM (Reinhilde) Pulinx & SE (Sabine) Severiens (2021) - Predicting diverse students’ self selection from higher education: A systematic review
  • J (Jana) Vietze, M (Marieke) Meeuwisse, J (Joran) Jongerling, Rinotha Senathirajah & Regina Sutrisno (2021) - The student-curriculum interplay: Diverse content in instructional materials and student performance
  • J (Jana) Vietze, Miriam Schwarzenthal, Ursula Moffitt & Sauro Civitillo (2021) - Immigrant background? Deconstructing ascribed and self-reported labels through comparative analysis
  • J (Jana) Vietze, Miriam Schwarzenthal & Linda Juang (2021) - (Re)Searching Diversity Podcast - Episode 'Linda Juang: Racial-ethnic socialization'
  • J (Jana) Vietze, S (Sabrina) Alhanachi, Miriam Schwarzenthal, Sharleen Pevec, Tuğçe Aral & Zeynep Demir (2021) - (Re)Searching Diversity Podcast

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