prof.dr. (Joop) JFM Koppenjan

prof.dr. (Joop) JFM Koppenjan
Visiting professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Public Administration
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Joop Koppenjan is Professor of Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

His fields of interest are: Agenda building, decision making and policy implementation; Democratic Governance in policy networks; Institutions and institutional design; Privatization and public private partnerships; Safeguarding public values in public service delivery; Project and process management; Management of risks and uncertainties; Collaborative innovation and learning; Knowledge use and evidence based policy

  • Joop Koppenjan (24 October 2011) - Aanbestedingen stadsvervoer
  • Joop Koppenjan (6 June 2011) - PPS bij de A58
  • Joop Koppenjan (24 January 2011) - Aanbestedingen stadsvervoer
  • Joop Koppenjan (7 January 2011) - Brand Chemo Pack Moerdijk

  • Joop Koppenjan (2022) - Van alles is weer waardeloos. Ook de bestuurskunde?
  • Joop Koppenjan, E Eppel, J Voets & ML Rhodes (2018) - Panel
  • Joop Koppenjan (2015) - NWO/Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (External organisation)
  • Joop Koppenjan (2014) - Overheden niet meer de baas. De provincie in de netwerksamenleving
  • Joop Koppenjan (2013) - New Public Governance: What can we learn from research on the governance national projects in the Netherlands?
  • Joop Koppenjan (2013) - New Public Governance: Research agenda
  • Joop Koppenjan (2013) - Network Governance & Asset Management.Dutch experiences with Public Private Partnerships (DBFMO)
  • Joop Koppenjan (2013) - Asset Management and Infrastructure Governance. Towards new Public Governance?
  • Joop Koppenjan (2013) - Governing Environmental Conflicts. The Panyu Incineration Power Plant, Guangzhou, China
  • Joop Koppenjan (2013) - Opdrachtgevers als dilemmamanagers

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