(Kim) KB Westgeest

dr. (Kim) KB Westgeest
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Erasmus University College (EUC)
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Dr. Kim Westgeest has a medical biotechnology background, with an interest in evolution and molecular virology.

Kim Westgeest obtained her Bachelor of Applied Science in 2006 at Hogeschool Larenstein, Velp. Hereafter, Kim worked as a research technician at the department of Microbiology – Genomics at TNO, Zeist. In 2007, she started the Master of Science programme Medical Biotechnology at Wageningen University. She carried out her MSc research internship at the department of Viroscience of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam where she, after obtaining her master’s degree in 2009, had the opportunity to continue as a PhD student. Her PhD research focussed on the evolution of human influenza A (H3N2) viruses circulating between 1968 and 2011, with special emphasis on neuraminidase. From august 2015, she worked as a teacher at Hogeschool Leiden for the bioinformatics educational programme.

Kim started at EUC in January 2019 as a tutor for the Department Life Sciences. Next to her teaching position, Kim enjoys scuba diving and cooking.

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    Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Burg. Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

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