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Kjell Noordzij (1995) is a political and cultural sociologist who studies the social aspect of representative democracy. Much of his research concerns how different groups of citizens perceive of democracy and their representation in it, and how political conflicts play out inside and outside electoral politics.

Inspired by works from Bourdieu’s Distinction to Erasmus’ In Praise of Folly, Kjell aims to learn from others’ perspectives and to uncover the implications of these perspectives for citizens’ democratic attitudes and behavior. Reflecting his broad range of interests and his interdisciplinary research profile, he has published on status conflicts, political trust, perceptions of cultural distance to politicians, populism, turnout, and political representation.

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Assistant professor | Governance and Pluralism
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • K (Kjell) Noordzij (21 September 2021) - Waarom hangt het vertrouwen in de politiek af van je diploma?
  • Kjell Noordzij (26 January 2021) - Waarom voelen laagopgeleiden zich steeds minder vertegenwoordigd door politici?
  • Kjell Noordzij (8 January 2021) - Bestorming van het Capitool in de Verenigde Staten

  • Kjell Noordzij (2022) - Ervaren culturele afstand tot politici en de opleidingskloof in politiek vertrouwen
  • Kjell Noordzij (2022) - Ervaren culturele afstand tot politici en de opleidingskloof in politiek vertrouwen
  • Kjell Noordzij (2021) - Ervaren culturele afstand en de opleidingskloof in politiek vertrouwen
  • Kjell Noordzij (2020) - Status-based cultural conflicts and their political ramifications

  • Pauwke Berkers, Koen van Eijck & Kjell Noordzij (2018) - NSV Artikelprijs
  • Kjell Noordzij (2016) - Ton Bevers Award for the best bachelor's thesis 2016

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4.2 Political Attitudes & Behaviour

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How to reach 'hard-to-reach groups' as a researcher?

Researchers may find it challenging to reach specific groups within our society. In this interview two researchers share their experiences.

British Journal of Sociology Prize awarded to Kjell Noordzij, Willem de Koster, and Jeroen van der Waal

The authors show that less-educated citizens believe that politicians are distant to their life-world and feel looked down on by them

“Mark Rutte looks at you as if you've just crawled out from under a stone”

Why is political dissatisfaction often more likely among less-educated citizens? Sociologist Kjell Noordzij wants to understand this phenomenon better.
Zuiderpark, Rotterdam

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