dr. (Marianne) MB Klerk


Marianne Klerk is Senior Lecturer in Humanities at the Erasmus University College.

Working on the intersection of academia and public discourse brings Marianne most joy. As a historian, she researches the impact of early modern war on society covering subjects within various disciplines ranging from the history of political thought to military history. More broadly, she is interested in the way history shapes our understanding of the present and *vice *versa. By examining, for example, a deeply rooted “culture of war” in the early modern Dutch Republic, she tries to bridge the gap between our visions of a tolerant, small republic that fueled a “Golden Age” and that of a global empire set up through violent conquest and slavery. As a journalist and editor, Marianne focuses on issues such as gentrification, equality and identity within and outside Rotterdam. At the EUC her love for teaching, public engagement and interdisciplinary research comes perfectly together.

Erasmus University College

Lecturer | Department of Humanities
Nieuwemarkt 1A, Rotterdam

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  • Marianne Klerk (2020) - Beyond Republicanism: Predatory Monarchy and State Interest in the Dutch Republic
  • Marianne Klerk (2017) - Market for Murder: the “fiscal-military hub of Amsterdam”
  • Marianne Klerk (2017) - The “fiscal-military hub” of Amsterdam: Intermediating the French subsidies to Sweden during the Thirty Years’ War
  • Marianne Klerk (2016) - Reason of State and Interest in the Dutch Republic: the Legacy of Henri de Rohan
  • Marianne Klerk (2015) - Reason of State and Interest in the Dutch Republic
  • Marianne Klerk (2015) - Reconstructing the Rule of Law and Reason of State in the Age of Louis XIV

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