dr. (Marieke) M Meeuwisse


Marieke Meeuwisse (Ph.D.) is associate professor in Educational Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her main research theme is (ethnic) diversity in higher education, with a special interest in the learning environment, student-teacher interaction and sense of belonging. She has extensive experience in course design and development and in teaching at the (under) graduate level. Marieke is the project leader of the EU funded Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership on diversity and inclusion in higher education (#Ibelong, https://ibelong.eu/). She is a research fellow of the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI) with a project on the academic trajectories of diverse students at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Marieke was awarded with a Comenius fellowship to develop the practical module Intercultural Sensitivity & Competence. As a Comenius fellow, she is a member of the KNAW Comenius Network which is a network of acknowledged innovators in higher education, where knowledge, experience and inspiration for educational innovation in higher education are broadly shared and disseminated to society.

Research interests: diversity, belongingness, inclusion, academic success, higher education, transitions, learning environment, peer interaction, student-staff interaction.

Onderzoeksinteresses: diversiteit, inclusie, studiesucces, hoger onderwijs, transities, leeromgeving, student-student interactie, student-docent interactie.

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Associate professor | Educational Sciences
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Marieke Meeuwisse (1 January 2019) - Niet iedereen krijgt evenveel kansen
  • Marieke Meeuwisse (2 October 2018) - Making inclusive education happen

  • Marieke Meeuwisse (2023) - Toegankelijk hoger onderwijs. Het belang van psychosociale factoren in de leeromgeving.
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  • Marieke Meeuwisse & Pravini Baboeram (2022) - Experiencing the Erasmus+ project #IBelong
  • M (Marieke) Meeuwisse (2021) - Towards a sense of belonging in an inclusive learning environment
  • AS (Aike) Dias - Broens, PM (Pieter) van Lamoen, M (Marieke) Meeuwisse & Rinotha Senathirajah (2021) - Lecture Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education
  • M (Marieke) Meeuwisse (2021) - Op weg naar het hoger onderwijs: Het belang van sense of belonging
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  • J (Jana) Vietze, M (Marieke) Meeuwisse, J (Joran) Jongerling, Rinotha Senathirajah & Regina Sutrisno (2021) - The student-curriculum interplay: Diverse content in instructional materials and student performance
  • M (Marieke) Meeuwisse (2021) - Towards a sense of belonging in an inclusive learning environment

  • Marieke Meeuwisse (2019) - Diverse students in search for belonging in higher education: The validation of a multidimensional sense of belonging scale.
  • Marieke Meeuwisse (2018) - The student-curriculum interplay: Academic trajectories of diverse students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Marieke Meeuwisse (2017) - Inclusive learning environments in European higher education

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1.2C Intro. to Educational Sciences

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CLI Fellows Connect event together with the Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek (NRO)

On the 21st of March, the CLI hosted a Fellows Connect event with a special focus on research grants.
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The interplay between students and course programme curricula

CLI Fellow Marieke Meeuwisse researched the interaction between students and the curricula of the programs for which they are enrolled
Marieke Meeuwisse

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