(Martina) M Pocchiari

(Martina) M Pocchiari
PhD candidate Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Marketing Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Martina Pocchiari is a Doctoral Candidate in Empirical Quantitative Marketing at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Her research interests lie in the areas of brand and consumer community engagement, and information consumption. Martina holds a BSc degree in Business and Economics (2015, cum laude) from the University of Bologna.  She also completed her MSc degree in Marketing Management at Rotterdam School of Management (2016, cum laude). During her master, Martina chose a specialization track in digital marketing and marketing analytics, and was a member of the Honours Programme cohort 2015-2016. Before starting her PhD in 2017, Martina was a marketing research consultant at Pointlogic, a Nielsen company. To learn more about her research interests, please visit Martina's personal website

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