prof.dr. (Rob) RA Zuidwijk


Rob Zuidwijk is professor of Global Supply Chains and Ports at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). The chair focuses on three topics: coordination for sustainable global supply chains, synchromodal transport networks (a flexible and integral deployment of different modes of transport on a network to better meet customer demand and sustainability objectives), and inter-organisational systems in logistics. His work has been published in journals like California Management Review, Transportation Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Communications of the ACM, and Production and Operations Management. He has participated and coordinated funded research projects in the area of international logistics and container transport. He teaches freight transport systems, intermodal transportation, international logistics and global supply chain management, and inter-organizational systems in logistics to BSc, MSc, and PhD students, and he is also involved in post-experience courses. Professor Rob Zuidwijk makes a significant contribution to Smartport, a strong research community in port-related research for which RSM and EUR are one of the main stakeholders. He is also Captain of Science of the Topsector Logistics in the Netherlands. Professor Zuidwijk received his PhD in Mathematics from Erasmus University and has held a one-year visiting position at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Full professor | Department of Technology and Operations Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Economische Zaken

Start date approval
March 2018
End date approval
December 9999
Captain of Science, Topsector Logistiek

Research center at Khalifa University

Start date approval
October 2019
End date approval
December 9999
advisory steering board for center Digital SC&OM


Start date approval
June 2022
End date approval
December 9999
Strategische Adviesraad TNO Traffic & Transport

Ports in global networks

Year Level
master, master, master, master
Course Code

Port Management and Maritime Logistics

Year Level
Course Code

Global Sustainable Supply Chains

Year Level
master, IM/CEMS, Exchange, ERIM
Course Code

  • Cerag Pince

    Advances in Inventory Management Dynamic Models
  • Muhammad Jalil

    Customer Information Driven After Sales Service Management: Lessons from Spare Parts Logistics
  • Jordan Srour

    Dissecting Drayage: An Examination of Structure, Information, and Control in Drayage Operations
  • Morteza Pourakbar

    End-of-Life Inventory Decisions of Service Parts
  • Meditya Wasesa

    Agent-based Inter-organizational Systems in Advanced Logistics Operations
  • Yixin Lu

    Data-Driven Decision Making in Auction Markets
  • Panagiotis Ypsilantis

    The Design, Planning and Execution of Sustainable Intermodal Port-hinterland Transport Networks
  • Panagiotis Ypsilantis

    The Design, Planning and Execution of Sustainable Intermodal Port-hinterland Transport Networks
  • Irina Romochkina

    When interests collide: Understanding and modeling interests alignment using fair pricing in the context of interorganizational information systems
  • Judith Mulder

    Network Design and Robust Scheduling in Liner Shipping
  • Xishu Li

    Dynamic Decision Making under Supply Chain Competition
  • Alp Arslan

    Operational Strategies for On-demand Delivery Services
  • Rick Hollen

    Exploratory Studies into Strategies to Enhance Innovation-Driven International Competitiveness in a Port Context: Toward Ambidextrous Ports
  • Anirudh Kishore Bhoopalam

    Truck Platooning: Planning and behaviour
  • Alberto Giudici

    Cooperation, reliability, and matching in inland freight transport
  • Camill Harter

    Vulnerability through Vertical Collaboration in Transportation: A complex networks approach
  • Katharina Badenhausen

    IoT – Inducing Organizational Transformation?
  • Bart van Riessen

    Optimal Transportation Plans and Portfolios for Synchromodal Container Networks
  • Tim Lamballais Tessensohn

    Optimizing the Performance of Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems
  • Linh Nguyen

    PhD positions in Supply Chain Management
  • Ebrahim Mohammadi Hosein Hajlou

    Adoption of Connected & Automated Transport (CAT) Solutions in the Logistics Industry
  • Gert-Jaap Polinder

    New models and applications for railway timetabling
  • Kaveh Azadeh

    Robotized Warehouses: Design and Performance Analysis
  • Johann Hartleb

    Public Transport and Passengers - Optimization Models that Consider Travel Demand
  • Mathijs van Zon

    Cost Allocation in Collaborative Transportation
  • Behman Orkun Tunay

    Smart and Sustainable transport in ports
  • Meihui Jiang

    Business model innovation for the electronics industry
  • Renske Prins

    Achieving Sustainable Performance: A Data-Driven Approach
  • Mohamed Kotb Mobarak

    Digital Transformation Process in a Project Management Context Research Proposal Suggested Reviewers
  • Alexandru Fugariu

    Chain Reaction: Exploring Mechanisms for Absorbing and Recovering from Disruptions in the Consumer Goods Supply Chains
  • Bart Scheffer

    Towards store network optimization in an omnichannel world Explaining and predicting the impact of channel interaction on store and online performance
  • Elisah van Kempen

    Exploring the impact of Connected Automated Transport technologies on organizations in the road transport sector: a business model innovation perspective
  • Hamed Vafa Arani

    Creating Shared Value: An Operations and Supply Chain Management Perspective
  • Mohammad Reza Mehrpour

    FMaaS project
  • Curtis Meloy Goldsby

    Demystifying Digital Governance: Exploring the Mechanisms and Structures of Blockchains for Organizations
  • Nader Ranjbar

    PhD in Technology Development and Adoption for Zero-emissions in Inland Shipping

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