(Rommert) R Dekker


Rommert Dekker is a professor of operations research, quantitative logistics, and IT at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). Professor Dekker currently leads an industry-sponsored research program on service logistics. He has received numerous accolades for his research including ERIM's impact award which honours ERIM researchers who have successfully impacted management practice and the OR Society's Goodeeve medal for best applied paper. Professor Dekker began his career working at Shell Research. During his seven years at the company he published over 100 papers on topics including reverse logistics, service logistics, inventory control, maintenance optimisation, container logistics and transport optimisation. He was also co-founder of the well-known network for reverse logistics REVLOG.

Erasmus School of Economics

Full professor | Econometrics
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Rob van Tulder, Maarten Boksem, Ale Smidts, Harwin de Vries, Pursey Heugens, Gerrit van Bruggen, Wolf Wagner, Aurelie Lemmens, Julija Mell, Rommert Dekker & Hang Chan (1 December 2021) - ERIM recognises outstanding researchers with annual awards

  • Rommert Dekker (2017) - Naval Research Logistics (Journal)
  • Rommert Dekker (2015) - Operations Research (Journal)
  • Rommert Dekker (2004) - IMA Journal on Mathematics Applied in Business and Industry (Journal)
  • PJM Meersmans, IFA Vis, Rene Koster & Rommert Dekker (1999) - Report Econometric Institute

  • Rommert Dekker, T. Tan, Engin Topan & G.J. Houtum (2019) - Using Imperfect Advance Demand Information in Lost-sales Inventory Systems with the Option of Returning Inventory
  • R (Rommert) Dekker, M (Morteza) Pourakbar & JBG (Hans) Frenk (2013) - Wickham Skinner Best Paper Published in Production and Operations Management During 2012


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November 2022
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November 2025
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November 2022
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November 2025
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Port Management and Maritime Logistics

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Seminar Supply Chain Management and Opti

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Stochastic Models and Optimisation

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Ports in global networks

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Port Management and Maritime Logistics

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  • Daniel Potthoff

    Railway Crew Rescheduling: Novel Approaches and Extensions
  • Chien-Ming Chen

    Evaluation and Design of Supply Chain Operations using DEA
  • Cerag Pince

    Advances in Inventory Management Dynamic Models
  • Ludo Waltman

    Computational and Game-Theoretic Approaches for Modeling Bounded Rationality
  • Nees Jan van Eck

    Methodological Advances in Bibliometric Mapping of Science
  • Martijn Kagie

    Advances in Online Shopping Interfaces: Product Catalog Maps and Recommender Systems
  • Yeming Gong

    Stochastic Modelling and Analysis of Warehouse Operations
  • Muhammad Jalil

    Customer Information Driven After Sales Service Management: Lessons from Spare Parts Logistics
  • Jordan Srour

    Dissecting Drayage: An Examination of Structure, Information, and Control in Drayage Operations
  • João Quariguasi Frota Neto

    Eco-efficient Supply Chains for Electrical and Electronic Products
  • Mengfei Yu

    Enhancing Warehouse Performance by Efficient Order Picking
  • Bas Verheijen

    Vendor-Buyer Coordination in Supply Chains
  • Wilco van den Heuvel

    The Economic Lot-Sizing Problem: New Results and Extensions
  • Csaba Boer

    Distributed Simulation in Industry
  • Katalin Boer-Sorban

    Agent-Based Simulation of Financial Markets: A Modular, Continuous-time Approach
  • Tuan Le Anh

    Intelligent Control of Vehicle-Based Internal Transport Systems
  • Michiel Vromans

    Reliability of Railway Systems
  • Kevin Pak

    Revenue Management: New Features and Models
  • Marisa de Brito

    Managing Reverse Logistics or Reversing Logistics Management?
  • Morteza Pourakbar

    End-of-Life Inventory Decisions of Service Parts
  • Mathijn Jan Retel Helmrich

    Green Lot-Sizing
  • María del Pilar Londoño

    Institutional Arrangements that Affect Free Trade Agreements: Economic Rationality Versus Interest Groups
  • Ton de Waal

    Processing of Erroneous and unsafe data
  • Robert van der Meer

    Operational Control of Internal Transport
  • Moritz Fleischmann

    Quantitative Models for Reverse Logistics
  • Iris Vis

    Planning and Control Concepts for Material Handling Systems
  • Sabine Knapp

    The Econometrics of Maritime Safety: Recommendations to Enhance Safety at Sea
  • Viorel Milea

    News Analytics for Financial Decision Support
  • Amir Hossein Gharehgozli

    Developing New Methods for Efficient Container Stacking Operations
  • Willem van Jaarsveld

    Maintenance Centered Service Parts Inventory Control
  • Frederik Hogenboom

    Automated Detection of Financial Events in News Text
  • Jeroen van Oostrum

    Applying Mathematical Models to Surgical Patient Planning
  • Eelco van Asperen (I.M. 31 May 2013)

    Essays on Port, Container, and Bulk Chemical Logistics Optimization
  • Remy Spliet

    Vehicle Routing with Uncertain Demand
  • Jelmer van der Gaast

    Stochastic Models for Order Picking Systems
  • Panagiotis Ypsilantis

    The Design, Planning and Execution of Sustainable Intermodal Port-hinterland Transport Networks
  • Michele Acciaro

    Bundling Strategies in Global Supply Chains
  • Enzo Defilippi

    Access Regulation for Naturally Monopolistic Port Terminals: Lessons from Regulated Network Industries
  • Damir Vandic

    Intelligent Information Systems for Web Product Search
  • Judith Mulder

    Network Design and Robust Scheduling in Liner Shipping
  • Mustafa Hekimoglu

    Spare Parts Management of Aging Capital Products
  • Kars Iddo Maik Schouten

    Semantics-Driven Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
  • Qing Chuan Ye

    Multi-objective Optimization Methods for Allocation and Prediction
  • Evelot Westerink-Duijzer

    Mathematical Optimization in Vaccine Allocation
  • Sha Zhu

    Spare Parts Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management: Contributions to Intermittent Demand Forecasting, Installed Base Information and Shutdown Maintenance
  • Xishu Li

    Dynamic Decision Making under Supply Chain Competition
  • Weina Ma

    Demand Ful llment in Make-to-Stock Systems with Contract and Spot Customers
  • Thai Young Kim

    Data-driven Warehouse Management in Global Supply Chains
  • Bart van Riessen

    Optimal Transportation Plans and Portfolios for Synchromodal Container Networks
  • Lisanne Rijn, van

    Open PhD project at the Econometric Institute in Operations Research or Quantitative Logistics
  • Rutger Kerkkamp

    Optimisation Models for Supply Chain Coordination under Information Asymmetry
  • Ymro Hoogendoorn

    Vehicle Routing with Varying Levels of Demand Information
  • Kaveh Azadeh

    Robotized Warehouses: Design and Performance Analysis
  • Anirudh Kishore Bhoopalam

    Truck Platooning: Planning and behaviour
  • Alberto Giudici

    Cooperation, reliability, and matching in inland freight transport
  • Hamed Vafa Arani

    Creating Shared Value: An Operations and Supply Chain Management Perspective

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