drs. (Sanne) S Steen

Erasmus School of Philosophy

PhD candidate | PhD ESPhil
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Sanne Steen (2023) - Identifying with “a brazen statue in the marketplace”: Rotterdammers interacting with the Erasmus Statue
  • Sanne Steen (2023) - Local Landscapes on Paper from Afar: The Connoisseurial Relevance of Washi in the Drawn Oeuvres of Dutch Artists
  • Sanne Steen (2022) - Joining forces in the canon debate: interdisciplinary cooperation in an overarching objective
  • Sanne Steen (2022) - Early Dutch Orientalism and Radical Enlightenment in Mahomets Alkoran (1696)
  • S (Sanne) Steen (2021) - The Ottoman in the Dutch Revolt: Interpreting the background and afterlife of the slogan Rather Turkish than Papist (1566-1610)

News regarding drs. (Sanne) S Steen

Curator Sanne Steen's favourite Erasmus objects

The University Library is currently hosting an exhibition on our namesake Desiderius Erasmus. Curator Sanne Steen talks about her favourite objects.
Curator and PhD student Sanne Steen with book in her hands from the Erasme exhibition.

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