prof.dr. (Sharon) S Oded

prof.dr. (Sharon) S Oded
Full professor Erasmus School of Law Law and Economics
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Sharon Oded (2013) - Corporate Compliance: New Approaches to Regulatory Enforcement - Edward Elgar Publishing

  • Sharon Oded (2020) - The DOJs Anti-Piling On Policy: time to reflect? - doi: 10.4337/9781788970419.00018 - Edward Elgar Publishing Limited
  • Sharon Oded (2016) - Liability of Legal Persons for Foreign Corruption - [link] - OECD
  • Sharon Oded (2014) - Negotiated Settlements for Corruption Offences: the Efficiency Viewpoint - Eleven International Publishing
  • Sharon Oded (2013) - Leniency and compliance: towards an effective leniency policy in the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law - Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Sharon Oded (2012) - The Changing Landscape of Regulatory Compliance

  • Sharon Oded & P Rappo (2014) - Practical Insights on Investigating Misconduct: Preserving Privilege Rights and Determining the Strategy towards Regulators (Chair)
  • Sharon Oded (2014) - Presentation on Negotiated Settlements in the Shadow of Criminal Proceedings: Efficiency Perspective at the European Commission

  • Sharon Oded (2011) - Corporate monitors: facilitating an efficient targeted monitoring policy and Deferred Prosecution Agreements: Prosecutorial Balance in Times of Economic Meltdown
  • Sharon Oded (2011) - Enforcement Strategies, Compliance Programs and the Intermediary Gatekeepers
  • Sharon Oded (2009) - Enforcement strategies, compliance programmes and the intermediary gatekeepers

  • Sharon Oded (2019) - Annual summit on Compliance and Enforcement - Annual summit on Compliance and Enforcement

  • Sharon Oded (2019) - Lecture on the importance of dealing with non-trial resolutions in foreign bribery and corruption cases - OECD Annual Consultation with External Stakeholders
  • Sharon Oded & E Carbonara (2013) - Documenting Innocence Along with Guilt: The Economics of Self-Policing Under Vicarious Liability - Annual Meeting of the European Association of Law and Economics
  • Sharon Oded (2012) - Compliance programs in the era of Deferred Prosecution Agreements - Annual Compliance Day, From Paper to Practice
  • Sharon Oded (2011) - Leniency and Compliance: A Macro View on the Anti Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China - Conference on regulation and competition policy: new developments and empirical evidence
  • Sharon Oded (2011) - Targeted Monitoring Systems - 2011 Annual Conference European Association of Law and Economics (EALE)
  • Sharon Oded (2011) - 'Corporate Monitors' and 'Deferred Prosecution Agreements' - BATC seminar

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January 2016
End date approval
December 9999
Senior Associate, betreft Hoofdfunctie

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