prof.dr. (Stefano) S Puntoni

prof.dr. (Stefano) S Puntoni

Professor of Marketing

Full professor Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Marketing Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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I am a professor of marketing and a behavioral scientist at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. I am also the head of the Department of Marketing Management at RSM and the director of the Psychology of AI Lab at the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics.

Finishing high-school in Italy, I didn’t know what to do so I decided to buy myself some time by studying statistics—understanding data seemed a useful thing in life. Few years later, I enrolled in the PhD program at London Business School and discovered a passion for studying consumption and decision-making.

My main research interests are in the area of autonomous technology adoption, both in consumer markets and production. Most of my current projects explore the value of human labor in the age of AI. In addition, I have published papers in the areas of advertising language, consumer identity, and numerical cognition. My research has appeared in Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Management Science, Nature Human Behaviour, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, International Journal of Research in Marketing, and other journals. I have also published in managerial outlets like Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review, and my research is often featured in the media. I am currently an Associate Editor at the Journal of Consumer Research and at the Journal of Marketing.

I teach in the areas of marketing strategy, innovation and technology adoption, brand management, and decision making. Sometimes, I also help companies with training and consulting. In addition to RSM, I have taught at Lancaster University, London Business School, Bocconi University, and the American University in Cairo.

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  • Steven Sweldens, Stefano Puntoni, J Kruger & M Vissers (2012) - The Bias in the Bias: Socially Desirable Responding in Comparative Optimism
  • Steven Sweldens, Stefano Puntoni & NT Tavassoli (2009) - Gender Identity Salience and Perceived Vulnerability to Breast Cancer
  • Steven Sweldens, Stefano Puntoni & NT Tavassoli (2007) - At Your Own Risk: The Influence of Self-Identity on Perceived Vulnerability to Identity-Specific Risks

  • ASI Lenoir, Stefano Puntoni, A Reed & PWJ Verlegh (2015) - Het targeten van etnische minderheden: de ene generatie is de andere niet - Spaar en Hout

  • Stefano Puntoni & N T Tavassoli (2005) - Motivational Influences of Social Context on Consumer Behavior
  • Stefano Puntoni (2001) - Self-Identity and Purchase Intention: An Extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior

  • Stefano Puntoni, Gijs van Oenen, Stefan Philipsen & Erlis Themeli (2018) - The impact of Artificial Intelligence on dispute resolution

Current Topics in Marketing Research

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master, PhD
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Marketing Strategy

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IM/CEMS, ERIM, Exchange, master
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  • Baris Depecik

    Revitalizing Brand and Brand Portfolios: Essays on Brand and Brand Portfolio Management Strategies
  • Mirre Stallen

    Social Context Effects on Decision-Making: A neurobiological approach
  • Daniel Fernandes

    The Functions and Dysfunctions of Memory Cues
  • Daniel Fernandes

    The Functions and Dysfunctions of Memory Cues
  • Irene Consiglio

    Others. Essays on interpersonal and consumer behaviour
  • Ezgi Akpinar

    Consumer Information Sharing: Understanding Psychological Drivers of Social Transmission
  • Ioannis Evangelidis

    Preference Construction under Prominence
  • Anne-Sophie Lenoir

    Are You Talking to Me? Addressing Consumers in a Globalised World
  • Laura Straeter

    Interpersonal Consumer Decision Making
  • Elisa Maira

    Consumers and Producers
  • Rumen Pozharliev

    Social Neuromarketing: The Role of Social Context in Measuring Advertising Effectiveness
  • Eugina Leung

    How Technology Shapes Consumption: Implications for identity and judgement
  • Christilene du Plessis

    Influencers: The Role of Social Influence in Marketing
  • Manissa Gunadi

    PhD Project in Consumer Behavior
  • Jia Gai

    Contextualized Consumers: Theories and Evidence on Consumer Ethics, Product Recommendations, and Self-Control
  • Gizem Yalcin

    Consumers in the Age of AI: Understanding Reactions Towards Algorithms in Marketing Research
  • Anika Stuppy

    Essays on Product Quality
  • Almira Abilova

    Doctoral Research in Marketing (Consumer Behavior)
  • Linda Couwenberg

    Context Dependent Valuation. A neuroscientific perspective on consumer decision-making
  • Begum Celiktutan

    Doctoral Research in Marketing (Marketing Science, Consumer Behaviour or Consumer Neuroscience)
  • Ibraheem Saleh Omar Badahdah

    Doctoral Research in Marketing (Marketing Science, Consumer Behaviour or Consumer Neuroscience)
  • Marina Lenkovskaya

    Doctoral Research in Marketing (Marketing Science, Consumer Behaviour or Consumer Neuroscience
  • Ting-Yi Lin

    Doctoral Research in Marketing (Marketing Science, Consumer Behaviour or Consumer Neuroscience

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