prof.dr. (Steffen) SR Giessner

prof.dr. (Steffen) SR Giessner

Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Change

Full professor Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Organisation and Personnel Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Steffen R. Giessner is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Change at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

He holds an MSc in Psychology from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, and a PhD in Psychology from the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany. His research is located at the intersection of organizational psychology and management. His primary research topics are employee support during organizational merger, follower’s perceptions of leadership, antecedents of leader behavior, and non-verbal communication of power. He has authored and co-authored papers in the areas of organizational behavior, management, and psychology. His research received media coverage in outlets like the New York Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Manager and Wall Street Journal. His most recent book on Leading with Presence addresses how one can develop the non-verbal aspect of leadership impact.

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  • Steffen Giessner & Hodar Lam (16 July 2020) - Understanding loneliness at work during COVID-19 and in the future - Hosts

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  • Steffen Giessner (2013) - Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (Journal)
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OCC Master Thesis

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HRM Master Thesis

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Business Management

bachelor 3
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bachelor 3
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  • Natalia Hakimi

    Leader Empowering Behaviour: The Leader's Perspective
  • Victoria Visser

    Leader Affect and Leadership Effectiveness: How leader affective displays influence follower outcomes
  • Eliza Byington

    Exploring Coworker Relationships: Antecedents and Dimensions of Interpersonal Fit, Coworker Satisfaction, and Relational Models
  • Suzanne van Gils

    Morality in Interactions: On the Display of Moral Behavior by Leaders and Employees
  • Inga Hoever

    Diversity and Creativity: In search of synergy
  • Merlijn Venus

    Demystifying Visionary Leadership: In search of the essence of effective vision communication
  • Joost Leunissen

    All Apologies: On the willingness of perpetrators to apologize
  • Jeanine Porck

    No Team is an Island: an Integrative View of Strategic Consensus between Groups
  • Julija Mell

    Connecting Minds: On the Role of Metaknowledge in Knowledge Coordination
  • Anne-Sophie Lenoir

    Are You Talking to Me? Addressing Consumers in a Globalised World
  • Nick van der Meulen

    The Distance Dilemma; The effect of flexible working practices on performance in the digital workplace
  • Yingjie Yuan

    The Emergence of Team Creativity: A social network perspective
  • Burcu Subasi

    Demographic Dissimilarity, Information Access and Individual Performance
  • Jasmien Khattab

    Make Minorities Great Again: A contribution to workplace equity by identifying and addressing constraints and privileges
  • Jelle de Vries

    Behavioral Operations in Logistics
  • Laura M. Giurge

    A Test of Time: A temporal and dynamic approach to power and ethics
  • Elisa Maira

    Consumers and Producers
  • Christina Wessels

    Flexible Working Practices: How Employees Can Reap the Benefits for Engagement and Performance
  • Tobias Dennerlein

    Empowering Leadership and Employees’ Achievement Motivations: The Role of Self-Efficacy and Goal Orientations in the Empowering Leadership Process
  • Jing Wu

    A Configural Approach to Understanding Voice Behavior in Teams
  • Milton Jorge Correia de Sousa

    Servant Leadership to the test: new perspectives and insights
  • Jorrit Alkema

    (Substitutes for) Leadership: A Followers's Perspective
  • Ho Wa (Hodar) Lam

    The Emergence and Experience of Leader Loneliness
  • Franziska Zuber

    Looking at the Others. Studies on (un)ethical behavior and social relationships in organizations
  • Björn Atterstam

    Project Björn Atterstam
  • Folkert Mulder

    Project Folkert Mulder
  • Lisanne van Bunderen

    Tug-of-War: Why and when teams get embroiled in power struggles
  • Jingtao Zhu

    PhD in Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management
  • Susan Reh

    A Temporal Perspective on Social Comparisons in Organizations
  • Fan Jia

    The Value of Happiness in Entrepreneurship
  • Pisitta Vongswasdi

    Accelerating Leadership Development: An evidence-based perspective
  • Jun Xiao

    Coordination & Control in Contemporary Organizations
  • Rowan Moelijker

    PhD in Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management

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