dr. (Steven) SKA Verheyen

dr. (Steven) SKA Verheyen
Assistant professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Brain and Cognition
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Steven Verheyen is an Assistant Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Prior to working at Erasmus University, he was a member of Institut Jean Nicod and the KU Leuven Laboratory of Experimental Psychology. His work on individual differences in language use is positioned at the intersection of quantitative psychology, philosophy of language, and cognitive linguistics. He has expertise in the fields of concepts and categories, semantics, and psychometrics.

  • Steven Verheyen (2017) - Handleiding voor de ontwikkeling van taaltoetsen - Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal

  • Steven Verheyen & K Van Gorp (2018) - Multilingual tasks can induce conflicted emotions about one's home language - University of Antwerp
  • S Smirnow, C Maes, L Luyten & Steven Verheyen (2017) - Assessment in a globalised economy: A task-based approach to assess the proficiency of Dutch in specific occupational domains - Association of Language Testers in Europe
  • A White, G Storms, B C Malt & Steven Verheyen (2016) - Between versus within-language differences in linguistic categorization - Cognitive Science Society
  • S De Deyne, Steven Verheyen, A Perfors & D Navarro (2015) - Evidence for widespread thematic structure in the mental lexicon - Cognitive Science Society
  • H Vankrunkelsven, Steven Verheyen, S De Deyne & G Storms (2015) - Predicting lexical norms using a word association corpus - Cognitive Science Society
  • Jesse Zee, G Storms & Steven Verheyen (2014) - Violations of the local independence assumption in categorization - Cognitive Science Society
  • L Stukken, Steven Verheyen & G Storms (2013) - Representation and criterion differences between men and women in semantic categorization - Cognitive Science Society
  • Steven Verheyen & G Storms (2012) - Qualitative and quantitative individual differences in semantic categorization
  • S De Deyne, W Voorspoels, Steven Verheyen, D Navarro & G Storms (2011) - Graded structure in adjective categories - Cognitive Science Society
  • Steven Verheyen, E Ameel & G Storms (2011) - Overextensions that extend into adolescence: Insights from a threshold model of categorization - Cognitive Science Society
  • Steven Verheyen & G Storms (2011) - Does a single dimension govern categorization in natural language categories? - New Bulgarian University Press
  • Steven Verheyen & G Storms (2011) - Towards a categorization-based model of similarity - Cognitive Science Society
  • Steven Verheyen & G Storms (2011) - Unidimensionality of category intension and extension - New Bulgarian University Press
  • L Stukken, Steven Verheyen, M J Dry & G Storms (2009) - A new investigation of the nature of abstract categories - Cognitive Science Society
  • Steven Verheyen, E Ameel, T T Rogers & G Storms (2008) - Learning categories at different levels of abstraction - Cognitive Science Society

  • Steven Verheyen (2011) - Item Response Theories of Semantic Cognition - KU Leuven

  • Steven Verheyen (2020) - Review of Philosophy and Psychology (Journal)

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