prof.dr. (Tine) M De Moor


Prof. Tine De Moor (°Ghent, 1975) holds a PhD in History from Ghent University (2003) and a postgraduate in Environmental Sciences at the University of Antwerp (1999). In December 2012, she was appointed professor of Institutions for Collective Action in historical perspective at the Faculty of Humanities, Department of History & Art History at Utrecht University, a position she held until her transfer to RSM. At her previous position, Tine De Moor conducted research into the creation, functioning and evolution of institutions for collective action, past and present, from the early modern period in Europe until today. Institutions for collective action are forms of organizations formed from below, by the immediate stakeholders, with the aim of working together to pursue both personal (material) and societal interests. Issues that have been studied by her research team are the many energy and care cooperatives that have developed over the past decennia, the initiatives of citizens involves in short chain food supply, the formation of platform cooperatives and the renewal of the mutual as a form of insurance for the self-employed. Besides this she has been researching labour market participation and household formation patterns over the past millennium, and she has been actively involved in developing innovative research methods, through, for example, several Citizen Science Projects. She has been president of the International Association for the Study of the Commons and has set-up the peer-reviewed International Journal of the Commons, and she acts as expert in several national and international boards. In the past 10 years, she received several large research grants, such as an ERC Starting Grant and an NWO-VIDI.   


Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Full professor | Department of Business-Society Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Tine De Moor (24 November 2023) - Kunnen coöperaties de wereld mooier maken? Professor Tine De Moor wil burgercollectieven helpen begrijpen
  • Tine De Moor (6 October 2023) - Een burgerinitiatief succesvol maken doe je zo
  • Tine De Moor (21 June 2023) - Commons voor dummies
  • Tine De Moor (16 June 2023) - Samen bouwen, samen vertrouwen. Hoe burgercollectieven gedijen waar het vertrouwen in de overheid daalt
  • Tine De Moor (11 June 2023) - Samen sterk. Burgercollectieven lossen problemen op die de overheid laat liggen
  • Tine De Moor (1 June 2023) - Citizen participation
  • Tine De Moor (20 June 2022) - Podcast on why we should cooperate and the challenges of cooperatives
  • Tine De Moor (23 May 2022) - Beguines
  • Tine De Moor & Ton Duffhues (15 March 2022) - Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen herkansing voor de erkenning van de actieve burger?
  • Tine De Moor (11 March 2022) - Talking Institutions for Collective Action
  • Tine De Moor (1 January 2022) - De ongekende kracht van collectieve actie
  • Tine De Moor (27 November 2020) - In de spotlight
  • Tine De Moor (1 November 2020) - Burgercollectieven zijn broedplaatsen voor prosociaal gedrag

  • Tine De Moor (2024) - Hoe waarde weerbaar wordt. Bouwen aan de gemeenschapseconomie in Rotterdam
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - The commons as a form of institution for collective action, in longitudinal perspective
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - Panel debate about public agricultural land and agricultural commons, organized by De Landgenoten
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - Hoe ziet de financiering van bewonersinitiatieven er in de toekomst uit?
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - The commons as a form of institution for collective action in longitudinal perspective
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - Contagious Institutions? A longitudinal study of institutional spill-over effects of European guilds and other forms of institutions for collective action
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - Promotor D.J. Bunders
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - Social Innovation
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - Building a Unified theory for the development and resilience of Institutions for Collective Action in the past millennium
  • Tine De Moor (2024) - The next big thing will be a lot of small things. Social Enterprises & Institutions for Collective Action and the CollectieveKracht knowledge platform

  • Tine De Moor (2023) - Open & Responsible Science Award
  • Tine De Moor (2006) - Best dissertation in the category ‘Medieval and Early Modern Period’
  • Tine De Moor (2003) - Laureate (10K EUR)


Start date approval
October 2022
End date approval
October 2025
NWA programma Living labs herstel biodiversiteit

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Start date approval
September 2023
End date approval
September 2026
Member steering committee Program Duurzaam Door

ERC project SCENSUS, Rotterdam School of Managemen

Start date approval
March 2024
End date approval
March 2027
Advisory Board wetenschappelijk project

SDG Nederland

Start date approval
March 2024
End date approval
March 2027
Lid Fondscommissie

Stichting Knarrenhof

Start date approval
March 2024
End date approval
March 2027
Raad van Advies

Sustainability Grand Challenges

Year Level

  • Damion Jonathan Bunders

    Gigs of their Own: can platform cooperatives become resilient?
  • Karoline Heitmann

    PhD in Pathways towards resilient social enterprises
  • Mana Saki

    Open PhD project in Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS)
  • Shreya Paudel

    Institutions for collective action: link between size, heterogeneity, resilience
  • Daniel Aguilar Viňas

    PhD on community enterprises for sustainability: mobilizing resources
  • Aurélie Sapa Furaha

    PhD in Management: Sustainability, Business & Society
  • Pouya Janghorban

    PhD on community enterprises for sustainability: the roles of social networks
  • Isabel de Bruin Cardoso

    The Dark Side of the NGO Halo: Exploring moral goodness as a driver for NGO unethical behavior

News regarding prof.dr. (Tine) M De Moor

Tine De Moor's Rotterdamlezing celebrates the power of citizen collectives

In Debatpodium Arminius, professor Tine De Moor explored the world and value of citizen collectives. How can these initiatives help Rotterdammers?
Tine de Moor raises her left hand during her speech at debate centre Arminius.

"Rotterdam residents can achieve a lot by joining forces"

Op 13 mei 2024 spreekt hoogleraar Tine de Moor op de Rotterdamlezing uit met als titel ‘Hoe waarde weerbaar wordt’.
Professor Tine de Moor looks straight into the camera.

The rise of social enterprises in a post-COVID-19 world

Prof. Tine de Moor on social enterprises: “Institutions for collective action grow in times like ours, when people start to feel that their society’s…

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