(Vivian) V Visser

(Vivian) V Visser
PhD candidate Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Public Administration
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Vivian Visser is a PhD candidate at the department of Public Administration and Sociology. Of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research focuses on how public authorities ‘create space’ for citizen initiatives, especially in the spatial domain. She concentrates on the changing relation between governments and citizens, and the inherent power structures that affect this relation. She is also involved as researcher and advisor in the valorization center GovernEUR, on themes related to participative planning, citizen participation and citizen initiatives. In her research, she uses both qualitative (interviews, document analysis, participatory observations) and quantitative (survey experiments) methods.


  • Vivian Visser, Jitske Verkerk & Arwin Buuren (2019) - The social production of invited spaces: Towards an understanding of the invitational character of spaces for citizens’ initiatives.
  • Vivian Visser, Willem Koster & Jeroen Waal (2019) - Tussen “mijn stem doet er voor hen toch niet toe” en “we houden ervan de boel op te schudden”: Naar een beter begrip van de (non-)participatie van lager-opgeleiden in burgerinitiatieven

  • Vivian Visser, Willem Koster & Jeroen Waal (2019) - How to reduce the education gap in participation in citizens’ initiatives A vignette survey experiment

  • V (Vivian) Visser (20 January 2021) - Can everyone participate? - Studio P

  • Vivian Visser, Jitske Verkerk & Arwin Buuren (2019) - Dag van de Participatie - Dag van de Participatie

  • V (Vivian) Visser (2020) - Govlab010: Het benutten van de energie van onderop

  • V (Vivian) Visser (2019) - Wij Maken Nederland Academie (External organisation)

  • E (Ellen) Minkman, V (Vivian) Visser, J (Jitske) van Popering - Verkerk & MW (Arwin) van Buuren (2020) - Energietransitie in Rotterdam
  • Vivian Visser (2020) - Kunnen burgers voldoende invloed uitoefenen op hun leefomgeving? - CMO STAMM Academie Lokale Democratie
  • Vivian Visser & Jitske Verkerk (2019) - Masterclass participatie in de fysieke leefomgeving - Masterclass

  • V (Vivian) Visser (2019) - DPAS PhD Day - DPAS PhD Day

  • Arwin van Buuren, Jitske van Popering - Verkerk & Vivian Visser (2019) - Erasmus Graduate School Award for PhD Excellence: Best conference paper

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