Executive MBA

Admission requirements for Post-master Executive MBA

We look for exceptional candidates for our EMBA programme. We consider each applicant on his or her on own merits, but you must be able to demonstrate:

  • Professional achievements and goals
    A minimum of four years of post-graduate work experience, demonstrating your career progression.
  •  Academic excellence
    Candidates must have a university degree (bachelor, master, PhD) or equivalent.
  • English proficiency
    A strong command of the English language.
  • Leadership potential
    • Experience in managing people or projects
    • A mindset that truly values diversity
    • Curiosity about other cultures, and the ability to communicate effectively with people from all backgrounds
  • Team-building skills
    An interest in sharing career experiences with others.
  • Communication skills
    The ability to clearly convey thoughts and ideas, demonstrated through essays and an interview.
  • Personal qualities
    • Flexibility
    • A good sense of humour—it’s a great way to build strong relationships.