How to become a PhD at EUR

In the past century, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has developed into an inspiring place where talented researchers from the Netherlands and abroad have the opportunity to obtain a PhD degree. Read what a PhD trajectory can look like at EUR and view the different ways in which you can obtain a PhD position.

A PhD degree at EUR can be obtained in various ways

1. Apply for a paid PhD position

As a paid PhD candidate, you will be an employee of the university or Erasmus MC or another research institute. You will conduct research in conjunction with a faculty, research school or institute. You can search for a PhD vacancy on Academic Transfer or EUR PhD vacancies page.

2. Enrol in a PhD training programme

Several of our graduate schools and research institutes offer PhD training programmes. In these programmes, you will follow a number of courses as well as write a dissertation. We have both full-time and part-time programmes. As a PhD candidate of a structured programme, you will receive a Hospitality Agreement with the University. You need to bring your own funding or a fellowship.

3. Obtain external funding and pitch your idea

Do you have a specific research proposal that does not match one of our vacancies? Then you need to pitch your own idea to one of our faculties, graduate schools or research institutes. You have to bring your own funding or fellowship. You will receive a Hospitality Agreement with the University.

Hospitality agreement gives you access to basic services: access to library, access to intranet, access to other necessary facilities and online services.  

What your trajectory may look like

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