PhD scholarships

A PhD cannot be completed without adequate financing. If you are appointed a position at Erasmus University Rotterdam, in most cases your finances are already taken care of.  In some cases, however, you will need to write and submit grant proposals, in order to gain funding for (part of) your project. Also, you might want to write grant proposals for the period after finishing the thesis (especially if you are pursuing an academic career), for congress visits or international collaborations. On this page, you can find see which grants are available depending on your country of origin. 

In the Netherlands, research is financed mainly by the government, industrial organisations or others, for example certain foundations. Three funding categories (“geldstromen”) are recognised:

  • The first category consists of 2 billion Euros provided by the government. This funding has to be shared by all universities.
  • The second category also consists of 2 billion Euros, and is also provided by the government, but is not directly dedicated to the universities. Different organisations, like the KNAW and the NWO, have the responsibility for distributing this funding by providing grants.
  • The third category consists of external funding from, for example Europe, companies, foundations or private companies.

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