Training and development

As a PhD candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam, you will have ample opportunity to follow trainings. Together with your supervisor(s), you will draw up a Training and Supervision Plan. You can of course follow courses offered by the graduate Schools and research institutes. Looking for more inspiration? Have a look at the options below.

Good Habitz

Training and Development Platform (TOP)

There is a wide range of training possibilities for employees within the EUR. The training courses and programs are given in the Training and Development Platform, TOP. In addition to coordinating the range of training courses with other universities, TOP plays a key role in establishing a fully-fledged position for training and development in EUR's strategy and the R&D of the employees. This platform is where all practical, substantive and innovative activities relating to training and development take place. There will be course added in the future but until that time it is also a possibility to join other courses that are open for all staff.

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Good Habitz

GoodHabitz Online Courses

TOP offers EUR employees the opportunity to use the online training platform of GoodHabitz. This platform gives you access to about 140 training courses, varying from Excel, language training to training in the field of personal development. So there is something for everyone.

An accessible way to get acquainted with something new, because you decide when, what and how you learn. And you can continue to learn, because the offer expands every month with new training courses.

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Development Options at EUR

EUR wants to optimally harness and develop the talents and capacities of its staff. It therefore offers its staff various options to continue their personal development. Here is a list of the various training & development providers and facilities made available by EUR.

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