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A decade of national health insurance in Indonesia

Join RGHI’s Start of the Academic Year event 2024 to hear about achievements and future challenges for public health policy in Indonesia.

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Fruit offerings in Indonesia.

Welcome to the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI), the academic network of global health research and education at Erasmus University and Erasmus MC. Our mission is to address and alleviate health inequalities worldwide, contributing to improved living conditions and advancing high-quality, equitable healthcare globally. Explore the possibilities by subscribing to our network.

What we do

Tackling profound health disparities demands a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach. RGHI embraces diverse fields such as health economics, health care sciences, parasitology, virology, public health, epidemiology, development economics and the social and political sciences. Our institutes transcend disciplinary boundaries, analyzing global health challenges from viral levels to healthcare governance.

How we work

Collaboration is at our core. Working with partners worldwide and locally, we enhance evidence-based policy-making and practices, expanding the evidence base through insights from practitioners and policymakers.

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