The RGHI is led by RGHI Director Dr. Igna Bonfrer (ESHPM) as part of the RGHI Management Team. The RGHI Management Team also consists of the representatives from the other partner institutes: Dr. Matthias Rieger (ISS), Dr. Robert Sparrow (ISS), Dr. Tanja Houweling (Erasmus MC) and Dr. Carlos Riumallo Herl (ESE). 

The work of the Director and Management Team is overseen by the RGHI Steering Group, consisting of representatives from the partner institutes: Prof.dr. Lex Burdorf (Public Health, Erasmus MC), Prof.dr. Maarten Ijzerman (ESHPM), Prof.dr. Inge Hutter (ISS) and Prof.dr. Owen O'Donnell (ESE). RGHI communication is led by our Communication Officer, Thomas Hambridge (Erasmus MC).

Steering Group

Management Team

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