Anselm Grahl

If you choose to come to Rotterdam, you will find all the culture, nightlife, and diversity you could hope for.

Anselm Grahl

LL.M. student International and European Union Law

My name is Anselm T. Grahl, and I am a 24-year-old German citizen from Latvia. I completed a Bachelor of Laws in European Law at Maastricht University, while also starting to work in the field of sustainability in the higher education sector.

After completing my LL.B., I wanted to continue on an international and particularly European law track. The LL.M. of International and European Union Law at ESL offered me a great opportunity to further pursue these multi-layered legal systems. For many of my study colleagues, this Masters offers a great opportunity to specialise in their starting or ongoing career as lawyers. I am, however, hoping that this programme will help take me into European or international governance within the next few years, thereby allowing me to connect my studies of Law with my work in the field of sustainability. The LL.M. programme has already made it possible for me to explore this connection. It not only deals with law in dry black-letter texts, but enables students and lecturers to consider critically the rationales and effects of international and European law and governance systems. And it does this while taking into account issues that include economic efficiency, development, environmental impact, and human rights. The amazing group of international students and lecturers from diverse backgrounds adds many layers and perspectives to these discussions. Remember this: ‘if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room’.

As a city, Rotterdam adds to this international spirit. Incredibly vibrant, cosmopolitan, and modern, it is one of the up-and-coming places to be in Europe. If you choose to come to Rotterdam, you will find all the culture, nightlife, and diversity you could hope for. Being largely newly built over the past several decades, the city also offers some of the best contemporary architecture in the world, along with many green spaces. It is – quite literally − a city designed for this and future decades.

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