Evgeny Dmitrievskiy

​​​​​​​This Master thought me how to manage an enormous amount of work within a limited period of time

Evgeny Dmitrievskiy

Master Media & Business Alumnus

Why did you choose the master Media & Business? Was it a conscious choice for a specific career path? What other factors contributed to your decision?
I have always been a very rational person when it comes to decisions related to personal and professional development. After I completed my Specialist’s program in Journalism with Honours at Lomonosov Moscow State University that belongs to top 100 worldwide, I started to think of the best next opportunity for my future. I knew, I could continue working in the professional field, as I was an editor at that moment, but the charming idea of going abroad seemed to be the better option. First, I wanted to study Media from the business perspective, since I already discovered it from editorial and journalistic sides. Secondly, that time I had my own Internet start-up and this Master’s program seemed to fit well with my ambition of creating a brand-new business in Media. Last, but not least, living in another country, discovering new cultures and observing habits of such a diversity of people were the factors that I knew I would benefit from. I was never wrong with that decision. This Master challenged me in so many ways and now looking back at that time, I can say I took the best from it and it contributed to my professional development.

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation and through which means did you find it?
After I graduated from my Master’s program, I stayed in the Netherlands for another year ­– didn’t want to leave the country yet. I thought that getting some international work experience would be handy and so, it was. I’ve got an offer from Unilever HQ, and it was a good option to take. Overall, it’s been around 3 months to complete the application, collect all the documents and go through rounds of interviews, not least because the whole process takes long in the Netherlands. In the end, I’ve got a very useful work experience in an international company of this size.

For which organization or company do you currently work, and what is your position?
Currently, I work in the PR industry at Ketchum, a well known international Public Relations and Marketing agency. I lead several big companies, strategize their communications & manage their online and offline activities. My current position is Senior Account Executive.

Which components of your master are useful in your current position or career trajectory?
This Master taught me how to manage an enormous amount of work within a limited period of time. That capability of dealing with many tasks simultaneously and managing your working hours in balance with personal time is a very good combination for any types of work. Secondly, this Master taught me how to complete big and complex projects using a systematic approach and a good research, while delegating tasks within a team. That is a very functional component for my position, as I work with many stakeholders and business parties. And, of course, the knowledge I gained at this Master is very useful. Our lectors and teaching staff provided examples and cases of very recent campaigns, which is very important when you study Media, as you know – it changes very fast with the development of modern technologies.

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