James Grayot

The majority of behavioral decision research is bridled by two pervasive and unproven assumptions: that cognition is confined to the brain, and that the brain is a computer.

James Grayot completed a Research Master and PhD in philosophy of economics at the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy & Economics (EIPE) at the Erasmus School of Philosophy in February of 2019. He does research on philosophy of science, working on issues at the intersection of economics, psychology, and cognitive (neuro)science. He also works on philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, and decision theory. His PhD thesis can be read here

James Grayot is a lecturer (Vrije University Amsterdam, University of Groningen) and visiting fellow at the Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS). The topic of his fellowship at TiLPS is computational modeling in behavioral economics and neuroeconomics. The aim of this research is to apply new insights in philosophy of cognitive (neuro)science about computational theories of cognition to empirical decision research.