Jessie Lansbergen

I realized the practical side of art wasn’t the only one I was interested in.
Jessie Lansbergen
Student Master Arts, Culture and Society

During my bachelor Interior architecture at the Art Academy of Rotterdam, I realized the practical side of art wasn’t the only one I was interested in. The world of art and its theoretical side was the one I wanted to explore next. In 2011 I started the pre-master Arts and Culture Studies, which I needed to run through after finishing the Art Academy. The pre-master gave me the opportunity to get into the world of arts with its research, historical and sociological side. The master Arts, Culture and Society deepens these aspects and offers the possibility to learn about specific fields such as arts education, cultural policy and world heritage.

Studying at the Erasmus University also gave me the opportunity to explore my own interests. The possibility to write my thesis about architecture and to combine my love for design with the arts education makes this master interesting for me. But the best example of all, was exploring the culture of South Korea during the summer school program of the Konkuk University in Seoul. Despite the serious amount of work, I had time to take a look into the world around the arts. By helping out behind the information desk of a museum, volunteering at an art fair, holding surveys at the Rietveld Schröderhuis and my current job at the PR department at an architectural firm, I had the chance to look into different institutions, build up a network and most of all gain a great experience combining my master and the arts.

My time at the Erasmus University confirmed my expectations; the art world is the one I would love to work in!