Juan F. Galofre Cesareo

This programme allows you to see in practice what you are learning in a classroom.
Juan F. Galofre Cesareo
Alumnus Commercial and Company Law 2010-2011

Organization: Proexport Colombia
Profession: Lawyer of the Foreign Direct Investment Legal Division

“I advice international investors about Colombia's regulation. If a foreign company is looking to invest in Colombia they may request information about investment possibilities in Colombia, including information about legal aspects such as tax regime and migration aspects. 
My LL.M. experience at Erasmus School of Law helped me to understand other cultures, which is fundamental in my relation with the companies that contact me. Also it helps to make some documents for the direction I work in, making comparative approaches with other country's regulations such as Free Trade Zones regime comparison between a country and Colombia. Having studied abroad helped me understand the internal process the EU made to ratify the treaty.

The LL.M. programme Commercial and Company Law allows you to see in practice what you are learning in a classroom, being Rotterdam such an important port you are able to see on a daily basis what you have just learned."