Naomi Pattianakotta

Apply for any internship that seems interesting to you, even if the odds seem to be against you.

Naomi Pattianakotta

Interned at the North Sea Jazz Festival

“I was lucky enough to be an intern for my favorite festival, namely the North Sea Jazz Festival! As I was searching for internships on the internet I came across the company website of Mojo Concerts, of which The North Sea Jazz Festival is a part. I applied right away.”

Programming a festival

“One of the most important tasks I participate in as an intern, is  programming student big bands, workshops and panels. Next to that I conduct a few general activities which are office management, sending out brochures and posters and taking notes of meetings. I also provide support with artist bookings (by keeping track of the festival programme, proposals, contracts, payments, and visa arrangements) and production (accreditation and parking management).”

Different, but good

“I am still in the middle of my internship, but I can already say that my communication skills have improved. I also developed my view on the organization. It is different from what I expected, but in a good way. I am happy with my decision to go in this direction, and I will consider this part of the field while furthering my career. It is nice to bring the things you learn into practice. Especially the courses ‘Marketing’ and ‘Organization of Arts and Culture’ have been quite useful, as well as the course I am taking now, ‘Cultural Management’. 

Naomi’s advice

Apply for any internship that seems interesting to you, even if the odds seem to be against you. I was hired by North Sea Jazz/Mojo, although I did not expected it. However, just in case it might be helpful to have a back-up plan.”

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