Sebastian Brock

Rotterdam feels like studying in one city that combines all the diversity of Europe in one place.

Sebastian Brock

IBCoM student

Hello there! My name is Sebastian and I am a second-year IBCoM student. Why do I love to study in Rotterdam? Well, there are plenty of reasons: First of all, I found this study by accident when I was looking for a study that, unlike my previous Journalism study programme, had a broader perspective on communications and is taught in English as well.

I was really happy when I found out that I got admitted and could start a whole new study chapter in the Netherlands. Rotterdam feels like studying in a city that combines all the diversity of Europe in one place. There are many aspects that Rotterdam makes really unique: the architecture, a skyline like no other city in Benelux, a cultural melting pot and, obviously, the port of Rotterdam. What I like the most about our programme is that the first year gives you a broad overview and introduction to all the different fields of media and communication, whereas the second and third year is much more individualised and enables you to choose focus areas. Ironically, after quitting my Journalism study programme, I was quite sure that I don’t want to become a journalist, however, thanks to IBCoM this passion got fuelled again and made it a profession I might want to pursue in my future. 

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