Sofia Rastelli

The internship gives you the opportunity to grow professionally. Make the most of it!
Sofia Rastelli
Sofia did her internship at ITSLIQUID in Venice

Being an intern at ITSLIQUID Group (and partially for the 58th Biennale of Art) has been a stimulating experience, during which I found myself on a constant self-developing journey. This internship gave me the chance to challenge myself and grow professionally while getting familiar with the environment behind the curtains of an art exhibition. The setting up process, the curatorial decision-making, the advertisement strategy, the management of artists and performers were all integral parts of this experience. All of this happening in one of the most vibrant cities when it comes to the arts: Venice.

The internship consisted of multiple and diverse tasks, from online marketing responsibilities to dealing with artists and visitors in real life. On an ordinary working day, my activities were monitored and every week the tasks assigned to me were checked and evaluated according to the standards of the company. For me, time management was a key competence to learn. As I am quite a chaotic person, it took me a while to adjust to the standards, to learn different skills and be able to execute my tasks in time. Looking back, I have gained a more clear awareness of time management; and how to implement personal productivity in the most efficient way. This is something that, beyond any doubt, will serve me in the long-term, not only professionally but also personally.

Organizational duties aside, the most rewarding part of the internship has definitely been the 1-to-1 interaction and networking. Particularly, during the opening of the festival, I was in charge of scheduling and presenting the performances. It was a challenging occasion, which brought me closer to understanding the perspective of the artists themselves. I also accompanied visitors during meetings with well-established artists. This gave me the overall opportunity to witness, listen to and share personal interpretations and considerations about artworks and art in professional circumstances.