Tamara Hofman

What I particularly like about IBACS is that you can personalize it as you like.
Tamara Hofman
Student School of History, Culture and Communication

“I was determined to study Fashion & Branding after graduating high school. After a tough selection procedure I got accepted for a fashion program in Amsterdam and I felt like all of my dreams had come true. All was well, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing something. I later found out that I was missing a theoretical backbone that guided me through the hectic fashion industry. I decided that I wanted to explore my other options and I soon found out that IBACS was the perfect solution for me: a program that truly offers the best of both worlds!”

Broad basis

“Starting my first year was exciting and scary at the same time. I looked forward to courses such as History of Arts & Culture and Cultural Policy. However, I was terrified to study the Economics of Arts & Culture because I was never good at it in high school. Fortunately, the lecturers managed to spark my enthusiasm for the course and I passed easily. The first year provides the students with such a broad basis, which will guide you in choosing a specialization for your second year.”

Personalize it as you like

“What I particularly like about IBACS is that you can personalize it as you like. Coming from the field of Fashion, I tend to focus my assignments on this area and I will most likely choose my elective courses in this field as well. For others, this might be film or music. Furthermore, I am looking forward to going on exchange in the third year! This is such a nice chance to study and live abroad for a while. I am hoping to go to Barcelona, a city that is in a lot of ways similar to Rotterdam: good food, nice museums and amazing architecture!”