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Erasmus UPT offers both students and professionals the chance to gain a better understanding of managing and developing a port. For this purpose of creating significant learning experiences and better comprehension, the serious management game Port Constructor was created. This tool can be used in education programmes and organizations.

Port Constructor is a Serious Game that was developed by TU Delft, Erasmus UPT, PoR, STC, and InThere. Ports play a crucial role for cities, trade, and development. However developing ports run into problems, such as densely populated and congested urban and suburban areas restricting their expansion, and human resource development, cumbersome regulations and erratic reforms constraining logistic performance. Therefore, a better understanding of the adaptations and interventions that are made when developing ports is very important. Additionally, the development of ports should strengthen the economy and improve the environment, while making optimal use of the available space. In addition sustainability of production and consumption processes should be strived for in coastal zone areas.

Port Constructor helps students and professionals gain a better understanding of the above-named issues for ports and their development. In this serious management game, the player develops and manages a port expansion project. The player chooses between a variety of functions. The aim is to optimize the balance between three equally important value drivers: people, planet and profit. On the basis of a baseline strategy, the player needs to consider how neighbouring functions influence each other, positively or negatively. Port Constructor is a microgame, wherein the player engages in missions, each taking 15 to 20 minutes to play. Each mission starts with a short strategy and several action rounds.

Port Constructor can be played in combination with a workshop on e.g. stakeholder management, but also in a training or course. The setting of the sessions can either be in class or online.

For more information, please contact Maurice Jansen,, or Rosanne van Houwelingen,

Port Constructor

Port Constructor


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