Heritage and Identity (HI)

ERMeCHS research cluster
HI research cluster

The research cluster “Heritage & Identity” examines the interplay between heritage, identity, and societal challenges, focusing on how they shape and are shaped by debates around citizenship, power, and beliefs. 

The cluster's approach bridges traditional disciplinary divides, linking the past and future to grasp how time and space affect heritage and identity. It explores how landscapes and cities bear the marks of history and how these elements influence current and future perceptions. The cluster also engages with the complexities of material and immaterial heritage. It looks at how cultural values and worldviews are shaped and transmitted through different mediums like popular culture, education, and media. The focus extends to understanding the role of digital platforms in shaping new forms of heritage and identity, acknowledging the transformative impact of the internet on cultural narratives and practices. 

Additionally, the cluster critically assesses the commercialization of heritage and its implications for sustainability and governance. It reflects on the role of academics in these discussions, particularly concerning colonial legacies and the representation of diverse communities. In doing so, “Heritage & Identity” aims to offer insights into the nuanced relationship between heritage, identity, and society, contributing to a deeper understanding of these pivotal concepts. 


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