(Tina) J.C. van der Vlies MA

(Tina) J.C. van der Vlies MA

Lecturer Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication Department of History
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Latest academic publication

M.C.R. Grever & J.C. van der Vlies (2017). Why National Narratives are Perpetuated: Promising Reorientations in History Textbook Research. London Review of Education, 15 (2), 286-301. doi: https://doi.org/10.18546/LRE.15.2.11[go to publisher's site]

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Tina van der Vlies works as a lecturer and PhD candidate at the Centre for Historical Culture, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research project “Historical Scholarship and School History: National Narratives in Dutch and English Textbooks, 1920-2010” is funded by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (2011-2016).

Van der Vlies graduated cum laude in History from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and completed an Honours Degree trajectory as well. Working as a history teacher, she also graduated cum laude in Education from the University of Leiden. Recently, she was awarded with the ISCHE Early Career Paper Award.


Award: ISCHE Early Career Paper Award

Tina van der Vlies has been awarded with the ‘ISCHE Early Career Paper Award’ at the International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE) in Istanbul in 2015. She received the award for her paper "Multidirectional War Narratives in History Textbooks", presented at the ISCHE Conference "Education, War and Peace" in London in 2014.

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      • J.C. van der Vlies (2015). Rhetoric of the Past. Interactive Narratives in History Textbooks. Paper at the Huizinga PhD Symposium, Huizinga Institute: Hilversum (2015, maart 31).
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      • J.C. van der Vlies (2012). Narrative Smoothing in Dutch History Textbooks. The 'Sea Beggars' and the Martyrs of Gorcum, 1572. Paper at the GEI Colloquium: Georg Eckert Institute. Braunschweig, Germany (2012, juni 13).
      • J.C. van der Vlies (2012). Present Past. The Construction of National Narratives in Dutch History Textbooks. Paper at the Center for Historical Culture, meeting on textbook research: Erasmus University Rotterdam (2012, april 19).
  • Lecturer

    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
    Department of History
    The Netherlands